Yoga for the Active and Athletic – Telva practices Yoga with TRX with Stacy Viva to multiply the benefits in your body

Do you like yoga? Do you practice it regularly? Or, on the contrary, you haven´t practiced because you thought it was too slow. Whatever it is…this is going to interest you! Experience this new technique. It is based on yoga with a fitness spin. Try a class with Stacy Viva who mixes TRX with Yoga. Ready to start training? Ready for sore muscles?

You know that TELVA likes yoga but for those that want a little more fitness, this is the new discipline that mixes the best of yoga with the physical benefits of TRX (training in suspension with TRX bands). Transform your body in record time with Yoga mixed with TRX.

Apart from Yoga with TRX, Stacy, the creator of Viva Yoga Sculpt, mixes yoga with strength training, cardio and stretching (yoga with weights, pliometrics, abdominals, and stretching). In Stacy´s classes, you work all muscle groups in an hour and Stacy makes sure to keep you safe and engaged. Stacy includes many modifications and she wants to make sure you have correct posture when performing the exercise in order to avoid injuries.

In this Yoga with TRX video, we show a challenging training with a little extra intensity for those that are looking for a little more athleticism. The final objective? Sculpt the body and strengthen those muscles that need a little more workout. During the practice, Stacy emphasizes three basic principles:

Pull the belly in and up in order to protect the lumbar spine
Always maintain tension on the TRX straps
Breath…Inhale and Exhale. Always exhale on the hard part of the exercise.

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