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Lean into happiness

On the verge of achieving our goals, getting that promotion, closing the deal, or getting into the college of our dreams, why the heck isn’t that enough to make us happy? Why is the feeling of happiness always so fleeting?

We review the latest happiness concepts such as the bank of happiness, the 5-to-1 ratio, gratitude, and the power of the pause, and while you may still experience ups and downs, you can learn to recover faster, stronger, and with more resilience.

“Life is too short to do what I am supposed to do; it’s just long enough to do what I want to do”

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Mindful off the mat

It’s easy to be mindful in a yoga class because typically we are concentrating on a posture but what happens when we leave the mat?

Can we carry that feeling, that sense of presence with us the rest of the day? Studies show that meditation changes your brain and enhances your health as it decreases levels of stress and anxiety. Learn firsthand meditations that can help you slowdown whether you’re at work, at home, walking, eating or just wanting to get a good night’s sleep.

“With Stacy, we learned strategies on how to stay mindful even outside of a Yoga class
and how to take a glorious pause and come back refreshed”

Teresa Marti Marco, Key Account Manager, Cigna Salud

Participate in a Master Yoga Class with an inspirational message

Need a little inspiration? Take a couple of hours and enjoy time for yourself to work on your body and your mind.

Learn new postures that help us get balanced and meditations that assist us in living more in the present.

“We just held an event for our clients in Madrid and Stacy delivered an inspiring yoga and meditation class; it was a huge success!”

Pierre Bancon, Brand Director Spain/Aveda

Learn to just flow with it

Participate in a two-day retreat where we focus on how to connect with our breath, yoga classes with meditation, and how to find true and lasting happiness.

We look at the latest science-backed happiness tools and review concepts like resilience, compassion, gratitude, pattern disrupt and the right to be human. We look at what drives longevity and why the best immunity may be the most natural.

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