Be Part of the Yoga Sculpt Tribe and Try a Class for Free!

Welcome to my Blog/Tribe!  This is my first real Post so bare with me as I am not sure how all this really works 🙂

First, I want to thank all my clients, supporters, and followers that keep me in business everyday and letting me inspire them through challenging exercises both physically and mentally.  As its through hard work and dedication that we grow and strengthen and see our bodies and attitudes change.  For me, its a real gift to wake up every morning to teach what I love and I am so grateful that you like what I do.

As many of you know or not know, I launched  Viva Yoga Sculpt about a year and a half ago and with great surprise, its still going strong!  So strong that I have recently added a new location (El Viso).  Three classes start next week (week of May 11th)  there and the trial class is free.  If that´s inconvenient, you still have the location in Barrio Salamanca to try the class.  Send me an email so I reserve your place and you can experience Viva Yoga Sculpt firsthand and be part of the growing tribe!

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