“Viva Yoga Sculpt” Video release

Last week we released the trailer for Viva Yoga Sculpt. Although it is a very short video (two minutes and twenty seconds) I think it has captured the essence of the class. Both in the video and in every Viva Yoga Sculpt class that I give, I try to create an unforgettable experience physically and mentally. My mission is to transmit a class that challenges you, that is effective, very fun and affordable on many levels, because we all deserve a class adapted to our bodies.

No two classes are the same – each class starts with a different topic and different muscles are worked in each class. This way your body never gets bored or gets used to the exercises (it is better for your body because that way you keep moving forward).

All the participants in the video are real students. And I am enormously grateful to them for their dedication and participation. Without them, none of this would be possible. If the video encourages or inspires you, please sign up for the promotion and receive a free class (offered in several places in Madrid), or write to me by email at info@stacyviva.com if you are looking for another day or another time to class.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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