Master Class Viva Yoga Sculpt in heat and Empowerment Workshop at the Bikram Yoga Center Barquillo

Do you have two hours to change your life both inside and out?

Last Saturday we held a Viva Yoga Sculpt class (yoga with weights) in heat at the famous Bikram Yoga Center Barquillo in Chueca. It is a totally different sensation – detoxifying and stimulating that allowed us to deepen the postures without risk of injury since the muscles are very warm. In one hour, we worked all the muscles of the body with fun music. After the class, we enjoyed Pure Brazilian Raw Coconut Water, thanks to our sponsor who refreshed our entire body.

The second part of the day, I presented content and tools to get more Empowerment and Happiness out of your life. We also practiced “The Power of Pause” and did a Walking Meditation. In the end, we learned easy everyday poses to incorporate at work and at home to feel better all day. A day full of practical lessons.

We closed the day with the generosity of Elifexir, the sponsor of the event, giving three creams to each participant. The Namaste cream to relax and tone, the Actidren cream for the relaxation of legs and the Fitness cream that stylizes, defines and tones. They all smell great!
Thank you the Bikram Yoga Center Barquillo, all the participants and the very special Sponsor for a splendid and very memorable day!

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